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To Blog or Not to Blog!

So here we are, Im starting a blog!

Full disclosure friends, I have no idea what I'm doing in the blog department. There will be typos, and run on sentences, and prob mis spell a bunch of shit....but theres auto correct soooo. Theres that. If you're still down to embark on this journey with me, Im so excited to have you.

I have a bunch to say and thoughts to share on yoga, nutrition and all sorts of other healing modalities that I use, don't use...the whole 9.

Im stoked!

For the longest, I put this off because of all the reasons. What if what I say is stupid, who cares what I think or what I have to say, what if it comes across wrong, am I qualified, am I good enough, am I smart enough? Maybe I shouldn't.

Sound Familiar? Well FUCK THAT! hell yes I'm good enough and smart enough. Maybe people don't care or want to hear what I think. Guess what, thats ok, here I am sharing it anyway. Even if this is just for me thats ok. If what I share helps even one person, step into their own power, see their own self worth...

even better.

So here goes. Leaning into my discomfort and using it as my compass, for my own personal growth. Feeling the fear and doing it anyway. Being vulnerable + living authentically can be scary. Do it scared!

I welcome feed back, conversation, challenges, or just showing some love. Please be kind. I'm down for all of it if it's delivered with kindness. I can' t wait to share this with you. To collaborate with you. To learn from you. This is fun...this is already fun. Im having a great time. I hope you are too.

Until next time my friends.

Much Love,


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