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Mediterranean Bowl

Prep Time:

15 mins

Cook Time:

20 mins





About the Recipe


1 can of Chickpeas

Bell Pepper

Red Onion

Garlic Cloves

Fresh Spinach



Avo Oil 

Zaatar Seasoning 

Salt + Pepper

Brown Rice

Kalamata Olives (optional)


Cut up onions, + Peppers placed on a baking sheet. Peel desired amount of garlic cloves, place on sheet.

Spread 1 can of chickpeas on a baking sheet. Spread everything out evenly-ish.

Spray avocado oil on everything, (you can use non spray obvi, but in a spray girl, cuz its easier and faster).

Season however you like. I like the Zataar (which you can get at TJ’s) salt + pepper……..Bake for 20 mins at 350.

Meanwhile…cook yo rice. I use a rice cooker….again speed. Quick cooking rice is cool too, otherwise if it's long cooked rice, make that first.  Pro tip: I cook my rice in veggie broth cuz it adds more flavor.

NOW! Build your bowl.  Rice first, add your cooked veggies and chickpeas on top, grab a handful of raw spinach, a dollop of hummus, and squeeze some lemon, olives if you like them and ENJOY!

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